Available Positions

Passing the Baton is constantly growing and evolving in so many ways. We are always on the search for talented and innovative individuals to join our team of industry experts. Send us your CV today, we would love to hear from you.



  • Select conference location and facilities needed

  • Reserve all facilities and equipment necessary for the conference

  • Organize room set-up based on speaker requirements

  • Create all conference signs

  • Organize graduation luncheon food

  • Select decorations and organize decoration of graduation venue

  • Work closely with Volunteer Chair

Graphic Designs


  • Graphics

  • Design layout and solicit information for a course program flyer

  • Secure method of printing

  • Design brochure and flyer

  • Help to maintain consistency in the design of conference signs, gifts, awards

  • Work with an outside firm to print

  • Design and produce course certificates

  • Maintain relationship with printer throughout the year

  • Website

  • Accept role as Webmaster for the course site

  • Create a database for online registration

  • Communicate closely with each committee chair

  • Organize web registration form

  • Develop website and maintain (update at least once a week)



  • Work with Operations Manager and planning team to establish a budget

  • Apply for grants to support course

  • Create sponsorship packets

  • Contact previous sponsors and find new sponsors

  • Organize donations and allocation funds

  • Recognize sponsors appropriately

  • Collect information to recognize sponsors

  • Serve as a general liaison between committee and sponsors

  • Collect delegate/speaker information from sponsors

  • Organize/plan corporate sponsor forums throughout the year for input/advice

Empty Classroom


  • Develop and organize general schedule

  • Work to maintain timeline of all necessary duties

  • Organize and communicate all information to committee

  • Choose course activities

  • Select course dates

  • Coordinate weekly planning committee meetings

  • Coordinate advisory board meetings

  • Select gifts for workshop speakers



  • Create and execute a publicity plan

  • Manage contacts to publicity sources

  • Supply information to publicity sources

  • Create flyers, banners,

  • Organize distribution of registration forms, brochures, etc.

  • Work closely with programs chair to create and coordinate logo

  • Organize course photos and/or video



  • Organize events to recruit volunteers

  • Maintain working email list for all confirmed volunteers

  • Work closely with each of the project team members to assign volunteers to meetings

  • Select and train Speaker Liaisons

  • Organize volunteers to visit providers and potential clients

2 The Final Passing the Baton VR.png


  • Solicit and select course workshop speakers

  • Collect delegate/speaker information from sponsors

  • Plan set-up for workshops in a spreadsheet

  • Establish room set-up needs for each workshop and communicate to Logistics Chair

  • Write workshop summaries for program and website

  • Collect speaker confirmation forms

  • Create a speaker’s packet for the event

  • Work closely with Volunteer Chair to train speaker liaisons

We look forward to reviewing your application.