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Locked in the Pen



Locked in the Pen, gives former offenders an opportunity to address the criminal justice system and discuss the cycle of reoffending.



A Big Win for Our Client

The Metropolitan Police’s heritage team looks after objects, archives, books and photographs relating to the history of the Met since 1829. They tell the lives of its officers and staff across London and beyond, and the crimes it has sought to solve.



Crime Reduce Toolkit

The Crime Reduction Toolkit summarises the best-available research evidence on what works to reduce crime. 

One of Our Most Successful Campaigns

Project Servator is a policing tactic that aims to disrupt a range of criminal activities, including terrorism while providing a reassuring presence for the public. It is used by a number of UK police forces and the New South Wales Police Force in Australia.
The approach relies on police working with the community – businesses, partners, and members of the public – to build a network of vigilance and encourage suspicious activity to be reported.


OP Hampshire

Op Hampshire provides a strategy, processes, and guidance to help us respond more effectively to assaults on police officers and staff.

Why do we need it?

Policing is a unique occupation. We are there to protect the public and in doing so, we are often required to deal with confrontation, aggression, and violence in some of the most unpredictable of scenarios.

Being assaulted is a hazard that we face because of the job we do – but assaults shouldn’t be accepted as ‘just part of the job’.